Lip Tint

A great service for anybody looking to add definition to their lips! Not ideal for those with deep lines in the lip skin.

Lip tint tattooing is intended to enhance your natural lips – these aren’t injections (even though the swelling can be pretty intense for the first 24 hours)! Customized colours are applied to the lips to help create an even colour and compliment your skin tone. Results tend to look quite dramatic after the initial appointment however lip blush generally fades 30-60% after healing. Healed results offer a subtle and natural looking tint or “wash” of colour over your natural lip shape. They work great with a little lip gloss or balm for an everyday look!

Appointment time is 4-4.5 hours depending on desired result and condition of your lips. Maintenance touch-ups recommended every 2-5 years depending on your skin’s retention.



Includes touch-up when booked between 6-12 weeks after initial appointment. Total cost is split 80% / 20% between initial and touch-up appointments respectively. HST not included.

Remember, permanent makeup appointments require Maintenance Appointments every 1-5 years to keep things looking fresh. Maintenance touch-up prices are listed in the online booking portal.


What our Clients Say

I have had both powder brows and lip tint done with Amy and love both services! Amy was thorough in explaining the process from beginning to end including healing time frame with me and was easy to contact for further questioning during my healing. Getting up in the morning and not having to worry about makeup is a game changer in my life and I would highly recommend these services with Amy to anyone! If you are on the fence about getting permanent makeup done, do it!


Brittany Brown

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