Before you Book

We are not able to tattoo you if any of the following statements apply:

Under the age of 18

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Have had Botox or Filler within 1 inch of the area to be treated within the past two weeks

Had or will have a facial treatment such as chemical peel, microdermabrasion, microneedling, dermplaning, etc. within 14 days of your appointment

Currently taking or have taken Accutane within the past 12 months

Taking prescription blood thinning medications

Undergoing or recently completed chemotherapy (without a doctor’s note)

Epilepsy or uncontrolled, serious autoimmune conditions such as Lupus

Uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes

Have a pacemaker or serious heart conditions

Have received an organ transplant (without a doctor’s note)

Are allergic to metals and pigments

Have received or will receive a dose of any vaccination within 14 days of your appointment

Please note that it is always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before receiving invasive services such as permanent makeup

How to prepare for your upcoming appointment:

If you have any blemishes or skin conditions on or near the area to be treated on the day of your tattoo (i.e. sunburn, pimples, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis) please RESCHEDULE, as we will be unable to complete the procedure. Please also be aware that we cannot tattoo over top of moles.

Please stop using Retinol products over the procedure area at least 2 weeks before your appointment. It is best to avoid using Retinol and Glycolic Acids on top of your tattoo after treatment as these products can accelerate fading.

If you are having a lip procedure done and are prone to cold sores, please obtain a prescription prophylactic from your physician (such as Valtrex) to begin taking 48 hours prior to your appointment, as the procedure can possibly cause a cold sore breakout.

For lip services, please begin exfoliating and moisturizing regularly at least one week before your appointment. We can’t tattoo severely dry or chapped lips.

Please avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol, Omega-3, and blood thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Niacin (unless prescribed) for 24 hours before your appointment. These substances can cause excessive bleeding and poor healed results. 

For eyeliner services please ensure that you remove false lashes or lash extensions prior to your appointment. DO NOT wear contact lenses the day of your tattoo.

We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if the above instructions are not followed correctly.